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About Us

A Distinct Identity

DISHA is a membership-based, non-governmental organisation, founded in 1985 and registered under the Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1958.

Disha has created new social institutions based upon the principles of equality, justice, equity and freedom, where all citizens become empowered stakeholders, thereby able to influence the formation and governance of state and corporate policies that affect their lives and livelihoods.

These community based institutions are robust and actively working to improve the economic and social conditions of poor and marginalised communities, includingdaily-wage labour, tribals, dalits, landless persons and women.

Over the years, DISHA has initiatied and supported various community-based processes, including the formation and strengthening of vilage-level groups such as issue-based groups,the un-organised workers associations, co-operatives, women’s groups and youth groups. Supported by its budget analysis and research activity, Disha works with the groups to build their capacities for self-analysis and self-advocacy in such a way that systems and strutcres of governance are more open, transparent and responsive to the needs of the poor. Moreover, all of DiSHA’s activities are inter-connected and complement each other.

multipurpose identification cards issued by the govermnet to 37 lack agriculture workers

Our Programs

Making a Difference


Aranya Agriforest Producer Company Limited (AAFCL)
"Aranya" represents tribal people in all its glory, simplicity and being one with nature. 'Aranya' - forest in a literal meaning is the heart of this brand developed by DISHA, working for tribal development since 1985 ...


Women Empowerment

Women Support Program
DISHA has started Women support program, with the objective to promote and sustain the Leadership of Women for their inclusive growth and development. Women support program consists of women members who are engaged in ....


Budget Development

Anusandhan – National centre for Budget analysis, Governance & Disadvantaged People. Anusandhan – means to connect. The centre aims to budget analysis, governance and the ‘disadvantaged’ people of India.



Youth Support Program
Disha - a social action group is actively engaged In working with youth, their issues and concerns in Gujarat – Issues related to Unemployment, Education, Skill Building, Training, Leadership etc. Disha is working on 



Educational Support Program
DISHA believe that each child should have right to live, develop, participate and to be protected against exploitation. Through Educational support program leadership among children and ensure child rights with .



Labour Support Program
In Gujarat, 85% of the workers are unorganised labour. The term unorganised labour refers to workers in various sectors such as agriculture, construction, forest produce, self employed, plantation,



Addresses work related issues and resolving problems for the development and welfare of NREGA workers.



Addressing issues of forest land cultivators and strengthening them to fight against injustice.



Reducing exploitation & enhancing economic condition of agriculture labourers by protecting their rights & educating them on benefits.

Educational Support Program has touched & positively impacted the lives of 37913 children of the marginalised community


Be a partner in social change.

With your donations DISHA can help improve the economic and social conditions of marginalized classes to help them live in dignity.

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